A little bit about myself... and what others have to say about me

I've loved to draw since I could hold a pencil. It's something I never grew out of. When I got older I decided to pursue a career in graphic design and graduated from Montreal's Dawson College's Graphic Design professional program in 1996. I was lucky to work as a freelance junior designer in Old Montreal for two summers during my Dawson years at MBC Design Communications, where I worked on projects for clients which included Royal Bank, Johnson & Johnson and Clairol. It was a great atmosphere for me to have my first experience of the inner workings of a studio. After graduation, I was hired as a graphic artist at AMAV Industries Ltd., a toy manufacturing company in St. Laurent, Québec. I learned so much about Photoshop from my co-workers at AMAV – not only were they my co-workers, they were great teachers too!

After a year at AMAV, I was hired at MBC Design Communications' Toronto office. I said goodbye to Montreal and headed west down the 401. After just over two years at MBC, I became an intermediate graphic designer at Lions Gate Films. I enjoyed the variety of projects there, working on artwork for different genres of films. I worked on the production side of things, to the creative design of keyart (the 'front' of DVD wraps), posters, ads (print and web banners) – more often than not with the extra challenge of having to use poor photography and push it beyond its limits to look good. Through the years I rode the waves of change there, such as the usual staff changes that occur over time, but also big changes – in 2005 the Canadian division of Lions Gate Films became Maple Pictures, which was eventually bought out by Alliance Films in the Fall of 2011 and brought about the end of our Art Department. Though it was life changing after 12 years of working at 2 Bloor Street West, I welcomed the change as a new beginning. I've been freelancing ever since and look forward to new design challenges and whatever the future holds!Dianne Reynolds' LinkedIn page

Colin Finkle

Studio Manager at Matrix Marketing Concepts Inc.

"Dianne Reynolds has and continues to be a great resource I rely on at Matrix. She has brought a level of expertise to her work that I have yet to find in any other freelance designer. She works quickly and efficiently with little direction and gives great quality work that can go straight to print. She has integrated herself into the team and has helped during the busiest times without a sweat. I really appreciate her and what she has done!"

Christine Gresham

(formerly) Director of Creative Services, Maple Pictures managed Dianne at Maple Pictures

“Dianne is not only an extremely talented designer with a keen eye for detail, but she errs on the side of perfection and takes an immense amount of pride in her work. She's able to effectively determine what direction is needed for each project she works on, and she tackles each design with enthusiasm. Her positive and friendly demeanor is icing on an already well-rounded cake; I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Dianne.

Angie Burns

(formerly) VP, Publicity & Promotions, Maple Pictures worked with Dianne at Maple Pictures and as a freelancer

“Dianne is one of the most creative, efficient and easy to work with designers I've had the pleasure to work with...
Her positive attitude, outside the box thinking and can-do attitude made her the go-to designer of the office.
I recently hired Dianne to design my new company logo and the compliments have not stopped rolling in! She's a true talent.

Lynette Mattke

Publisher at PicPocket Books

"Dianne delivered great graphics work for our two projects. Her work was careful and precise. She communicates well and delivered the required images in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to work with Dianne again and to recommend her to others."

Jensen Adam Lee

Graphic Designer • Creative Marketing • Social

"I worked with Dianne during my tenure at Maple Pictures. She is a creative and hard working designer with many years experience in the field of graphic design.
She loves her craft and is exceptional at communicating her ideas while embracing the needs of the client or job at hand.
She has great easy-going and sweet personality, it's hard not to get along with her. Always positive and encouraging; I look up to her as a mentor and friend. I wholeheartedly would recommend Dianne's knowledge and skill-set to any client looking to hire her talents."